Written Product description STRAP is the world’s first replacement for the white cane. An innovative wearable device that is offered in a black, hard plastic casing with the front side built with acoustic mesh and a breathable plate on the back. With 2 adjustable shoulder harnesses and a wrap around belt for your core, STRAP is designed for all ages. Product features: power switch on top, learning mode button on the left, WPS button right, headphone jack left, 360 magnetic charging port in the bottom. Product dimensions: 3.75 inches, 3.35 inches, 2 inches. Learn more and preorder at strap.tech Written - How the product is worn description STRAP is a wearable device worn around the chest. Our haptic sensors (we use vibration-type and single-point-pressure-type) are located in both the device itself which, when worn, is located at the chest, and also within the straps that hold the device to your chest. The straps go over your shoulders and around your torso. Users are able to wear jackets and other outer clothing as long as it does not cover the core of the STRAP device.