Yes, Strap was designed to be used by all ages, from 7 to 80 years old.

Strap has all the instructions pre-loaded inside the device and a written instructive inside the packaging.

We are accomplishing for the first time in history total independence regarding mobility.

At the moment Strap has only been configured for fast pace walking but not running.

Yes, Strap will let you know if the obstacle in front of you is a hole, a step, and even down stairs and upstairs?

72 hours

All visible solid and transparent objects, even water.

By advanced haptic (vibrations) feedback you will be able to make fast and intuitive decisions.

Strap detects all the people around you as obstacles, but you'll be able to

We only use audio for you to learn how to use the gadget.

No, but Strap is splash resistant.

In the third quarter of 2021.

At the moment Strap is only available to pre-order on our webpage.

We do have FREE worldwide shipping