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In this episode of Season 0, we will share with you how our device works, as you listen and experience a day in the life of George. We hope you enjoy it.

In this episode of Season 0, we are going to talk about security. To prepare for today’s episode, I talked with our CTO Ben Eynon to deeply understand the technology that is behind our device.
Strap Tech has developed first of its kind innovative technology based on haptic language to be able to grant real autonomy with a universal understanding.


Diego Roel has been breaking paradigms and tells us about his path during this undertaking. (Podcast in Spanish)

Diego Roel, an 18-year-old entrepreneur and founder of STRAP Technologies. STRAP is revolutionizing the way blind people explore the world and has been recognized as one of the most innovative startups in Mexico, in addition to representing the country and holding places in presidiums at entrepreneurship events in the United States and China. (Podcast in Spanish)