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The world’s first total replacement of the white cane.



Obstacle detection

STRAP works by sending real-time information from sensors that detect obstacles at your head, chest, and below your waist – including oncoming bumps, holes and steps.


Human presence detection

STRAP is a device that you wear around your chest that easily distinguishes between obstacles and human presence.


Haptic language

 STRAP communicates with you by using a touch communication method. These real-time, mobility instructions guide and engage you about your environment to keep you safe.


Straight line navigation and orientation

STRAP sensors provide information and essential direction instructions that prevent unintentional veering for long distances.


Automatic On/Off

With our smart technology, STRAP’s motion sensor can detect when you are resting or in motion and responds by automatically turning off and on. Intended for convenience and reducing battery usage, the motion sensor activates when movement is sensed and turns off when no motion is detected.

The world’s first replacement for the white cane

STRAP is an innovative wearable device that is offered in a black, hard plastic casing with the front side built with acoustic mesh and a breathable plate on the back. With 2 adjustable shoulder harnesses and a wrap around belt for your core, STRAP is designed for all ages.

Image description:Two visually impaired using STRAP at the office, having a conversation.
STRAP  product description

Power switch

Power switch on the top of STRAP device.

Learning button

You can learn how to use STRAP device by activating the learning mode button on the left side.

WPS button right

Wireless network connection by activating de button on the right side.

Headphone jack

Common connector on the left side for plugging in a pair of headphones. 

Magnetic charger

360 magnetic charging port in the bottom.

Product dimensions

3.75 inches, 3.35 inches, 2 inches.

How is the product worn

STRAP is a wearable device worn around the chest. Our haptic sensors (we use vibration-type and single-point-pressure-type) are located in both the device itself which, when worn, is located at the chest, and also within the straps that hold the device to your chest. The straps go over your shoulders and around your torso.

Users are able to wear jackets and other outer clothing as long as it does not cover the core of the STRAP device.

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2-Day battery usage

All-day battery life. Hardware and software work together to get the most out of your battery. It’s important for your battery to last and then recharge in less time so that you can keep going.

360 Magnetic Charger

It’s important for your battery to last and then recharge in less time so that you can keep going and do more in your life.

Software Support

The easiest way to keep your STRAP updated. We deliver wifi software updates when your Strap is charging in your downtime.


For those who order early, we are offering our device for $500 USD (american dollars). Preorder your device with a $50 USD deposit now.

Easy and intuitive learning

STRAP users can access the learning mode easily from their wearable devices. Simply connect your earbuds to the port located on the upper right side.

Our instruction guide will teach you how the device works simulating various real-world scenarios. In each scenario, you will gain practice and understand what each haptic vibration means and how to act accordingly.