Real optimization in assistive technologyfor the blind and the visually impaired

How it works?

Listen the learning mode

Calibrate and adjust the device to the height of your chest

Test in your home different movements to begin understanding the different vibrations



You can do 50% more things in your day.


Reduces the probability of accidents due to undetected obstacles by up to 80%


Obstacle detection

STRAP works by sending real-time information from sensors that detect obstacles at the head, chest levels and below your waist – including oncoming bumps, holes, and steps. We do not know exactly what you may encounter but we will help you to make a better decision on the fly to reduce by up to 80% accidents that the blind and visually impaired face daily.

Haptic language

Strap Tech has developed its technology based on haptic language to be able to grant real autonomy with a universal understanding. Tactons, or tactile icons, are structured, abstract messages that can be used to communicate messages in a non-visual way. Through these tactons, to create “animations” that are patterns of different sets of vibrations meant to alert a user on how to react, what decision to make or where to go intuitively in certain situations or when faced against certain types of obstacles.

Straight line navigation and orientation

STRAP sensors provide information and essential direction instructions that prevent unintentional veering for long distances.

Automatic On/Off

With our smart technology, STRAP’s motion sensor can detect when you are resting or in motion and responds by automatically turning the device off and on. Intended for convenience and reducing battery usage, the motion sensor activates when there is movement and turns off when no motion is detected.

Are you ready to take your autonomy to the next level?
What is Strap?

STRAP is an innovative wearable device that is offered in a black, hard plastic casing with the front side built with acoustic mesh and a breathable plate on the back. With 2 adjustable shoulder harnesses and a wrap around belt for your core, STRAP is designed for all ages.

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Laura and Victor wearing Strap while chatting and laughing with more people in an indoor space
Product Specifications
Weight: 0.257 gr
Height: 5.51 inches
Width: 1.97 inches
Length: 11.0 inches
Battery: Yes / Internal
Battery Type: Lithim – Based
Battery Duration: 48 hours of average sue
Optimal temperature to use: -5 to 60 celcius
Charger port: USB Type-C
Bluetooth: Yes
Headphone jack: Yes / 3.5 mm
Language instructions: English
Wi-fi connection: Yes
Number of Sensors: 8
Sensors location: Inside of the device
Number of Haptic modules: 10
Haptic modules location: Divided in straps and inside of the device
Device materials: ABS plastic
Straps materials: Polyester
Color: Black
Strap on a mannequin showing the location of straps and the box at the chest height
How is the device worn?

STRAP is a wearable device that goes around the chest.

Our haptic sensors (we use vibration-type and single-point-pressure-type) are located in both the device itself which, when worn, is located at the chest, and also within the straps that hold the device to your chest. The straps go over your shoulders and around your torso.

Users are able to wear jackets and other outer clothing as long as it does not cover the core of the STRAP device. 

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Is that all? Well, hold that thought. STRAP offers:

Power switch

Power switch on the top of STRAP device.

Learning button

You can learn how to use STRAP device by activating the learning mode button on the left side.

WPS button right

Wireless network connection by activating de button on the right side.

Headphone jack

Common connector on the left side for plugging in a pair of headphones. 

Magnetic charger

360 magnetic charging port in the bottom. STRAP has 2-day battery life.

Product dimensions

3.75 inches, 3.35 inches, 2 inches.

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100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with Strap, 30 days once you have your device

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our engineers works in the manufacture plant of Strap

We are more than 30 people (between our headquarters in Austin and the R&D offices in Guadalajara), changing the way assistive technology is made.

"More than a mission, we have a purpose: Changing the autonomy of millions around the world".