Let´s open the EYES


People are estimated to be visually impaired worldwide


Children are irreversibly blind for the rest of their lives


People without autonomy

Having a disability is not an obstacle, but a test to show the world that not for having a disability you can´t do things like everyone else


New way to see the world

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An innovative, pantent pending and
wearable mobility tool with sonar sensors used to detect obstacles for blind or visually impared users


Easy to Operate

STRAP is so easy to use is does not require paid training, as supposed to other alternatives

Substitute or Complement

STRAP can be used as a complement to other mobility tools, such as the white cane, or a total substitute for it

No More Head Injuries

STRAP detects any possible obstruction in front of the user, regardless of the obstacle’s height

GPS Control System

When the Emergency Mode is activated, a text message will be sent to a designated contact with the user’s location

Bluetooth Connection

The user can request instructions or information from any voice-activated smartphone personal assistant

Autonomous and Safe

With STRAP, the user will experience mobility like never before and have a newly-found sense of trust and safety

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Diego Roel